There are more benefits to learning an instrument than beautiful music

Of course you have mastered”Chopsticks” on the piano, and you’re damn good on the bass of “heart and soul.” Why can you even pass “Knocking at the door of paradise” on the guitar, of sorts. However, haven’t you always wanted to take your musical prowess a step further, to learn more than just picking a few notes or strumming a few chords? With this set of all-in-one training for piano and musician, it’s possible.

While there’s no doubt that having an innate talent can help speed things up, there’s really no reason why, if you have the desire and the will to practice, you can’t not only learn to play an instrument, but understand the fundamentals. and the theory behind it all. And before you apologize for being too old, science tells us that there is no age limit for learning. In fact, learning to play an instrument can help stimulate the brain (and therefore potentially stave off dementia), keep your hand muscles flexible (helping ward off rheumatoid arthritis), and reduce stress. and anxiety, among a host of other benefits.

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So if you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ve got the lessons to dive into. If you’re starting from scratch, Pianoforall is a course designed specifically for beginners, as well as intermediates, that will have you sounding like a pro from the start while exploring musical concepts and styles. Beginners will also appreciate the crash course in guitar, which teaches you the basics like learning to strum and standard chords, and lets you explore techniques like pull-offs and slides. When you’ve mastered these basics, you’ll be able to expand your abilities to composing, arranging, music marketing, music theory, and even writing your own songs.

Taught by instructors who among them are session guitarists, composers, bandleaders, producers, sound engineers and highly rated teachers, the eight courses in this all-in-one piano training package and Musician 2022 (each normally worth $200) can be yours for just $34. You will receive lifetime access to over 500 lessons and over 50 hours of content. Isn’t that music to your ears?

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Prices subject to change.

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