Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 6 Will Feature Animation Stars

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is live, and fans admit it’s never been so good to see Ichigo Kurosaki. The anime only has a few episodes at the moment, but its action has kept pace since day one. Now all eyes are on episode six as it promises to kick off one of the best Bleach battles of all time. And of course, that means fans are excited about the anime’s crazy crew ahead of release.

The news broke earlier today as Bleach site in Japan revealed details about the episode six crew. Turns out, Studio Pierrot tapped some industry legends to do the animation here, and it starts with director Hiroyuki Yamashita.

Who’s in the crew?

For those unaware, Yamashita has been in the industry for decades and is widely known for his work on Naruto. The artist directed the key animation for Naruto: Shippuden in television and film. Yamashita also worked on Boruto: Naruto the Movie, so you can thank him in part for Momoshiki’s epic battle with Naruto and Sasuke.

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As for the rest of the key animators, Bleach will welcome Q Kawa, Tomoko Hayashi, Daisuke Tsumagari, Kenji Imaizumi, and You Natsuki when episode six is ​​released. These names may not sound familiar, but each of these animators has created a top notch sakuga for anime lovers. Kawa went viral for his work on Mushoku Tensei while Tsumagari is a fan favorite from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Clearly, Pierrot is going all out for episode six, and it’s easy to see why.

After all, this big episode promises to start Yhwach’s battle with Captain Yamamoto. The leader of the Gotei 13 is almost incredibly powerful, and Bleach has never shown fans what the old man can do. Soon he will be unleashed against Yhwach as Soul Society struggles against their Quincy invaders. And for those who have read the manga, well, you know this battle will be one for the anime history books.

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