Top 10 Shonen Anime That We Wouldn’t Mind Being Isekai

The realm of Japanese anime is remarkably diverse, with both short and long-form anime series exploring a wide variety of literary genres, settings, themes and more, from action/adventure series to heartfelt romances and horror. The shonen genre explores most of them, sometimes through the lens of isekai.

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Some shonen series would be terrifying for fans to visit if they went on an isekai adventure. On the other hand, other shonen anime series have safe or even enjoyable settings, and most anime fans wouldn’t hesitate to visit these words after meeting Truck-kun or being sent there by a whimsical deity.

ten Food wars! It’s about good food, not fight

food wars coverage

Many shonen series do not focus on fights or monsters, but on real topics such as self-acceptance or friendship, and others, such as Food wars!, focus on certain careers or hobbies rather than violence. In this anime, it’s all about recipes and ingredients.

Food wars! takes place in the elite Totsuki Academy for Young Chefs, and any anime fan who visits is regaled with the amazing dishes from these students. It’s true that black bosses are scheming criminals, but that won’t be a problem for the isekai guest.

9 That time I got reincarnated as a slime, sometimes it’s surprisingly safe

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At worst, This time I got reincarnated as a Slime is indeed a violent, action-packed series where monsters and magic rule the day, and no anime fan would want to get caught in the crossfire. Fortunately, an isekai guest has the option to stay away from the fights.

It is the nation of Rimuru Tempest that does all the fighting, while the human realms such as Blumind and Ingrassia are much safer, as Rimuru found during his visit to Freedom Academy. Any isekai guest can soak up the fantastical ambiance without having to worry about Demon Lord Clayman’s plans.

8 Edens Zero is a delicious space adventure

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From time to time, the Sakura Cosmos, decor of Eden Zero, can be a dangerous place. Time-consuming monsters can reset an entire world, for example, and there are also space pirates and crime bosses. But not all planets are affected by these dangers.

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The world of Blue Garden is very advanced and safe, and the heroine, Rebecca, considers it an adventurer’s paradise. An isekai guest can experience Blue Garden’s cutting-edge technology and tourist attractions while watching polished videos of talented B-Cubers like Rebecca and Labilia.

7 Komi can’t communicate is perfectly safe

shoko komi chalk

Many shonen and shojo anime series are set in modern Japan and feature teenage characters, creating a narrative that many viewers can relate to. As expected, these anime series are perfectly viable isekai destinations, although an anime fan wouldn’t want to visit too many of them or it will become tedious.

An isekai anime fan could visit the kingdom of Komi can’t communicate so they can say hello to the quiet but kind heroine and become her new friend in the process. The isekai guest can then watch Komi slowly but surely expand his social circle.

6 Fairy Tail Guests Can Hire Wizarding Bodyguards

Fairy Tail scene with Natsu, Lucy, Grey, and Happy

The fantastic world of Fairy tale is all about wizards and adventure, and most wizards in the nation of Fiore belong to a variety of official wizarding guilds, from the Fairy Tail guild itself to the vicious Sabertooth and Mermaid Heel. These assistants can be hired for almost any job.

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On time, Fairy tale can become dangerous, such as when the Spriggan 12 invaded or the dragons arrived in Crocus through this time portal. But for the most part, this pleasant world is safe enough for an isekai guest, especially if he hires a few wizards as bodyguards during his stay.

5 I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out, it’s a cozy Isekai world

how i killed slimes

Some isekai series involve monsters, magic, and perils, such as Re: zerowhile others are pure escapist fantasies, including I killed slimes. The heroine is the benevolent witch Azusa Aizawa, who died of overwork and found herself in a pleasant fantasy world of magic and monsters.

Luckily for her, and any anime fan who gets there as well, this world is relatively safe with few wars, plagues, or other perils. In fact, even the Demon King is a gentle and caring being and a personal fan of Azusa. Any anime fan would pack their bags for this isekai adventure in a heartbeat.

4 My Hero Academia paints a fascinating future

my hero academia ships bl

In truth, an anime fan would be do not want to visit the my hero academia universe under the reign of All For One or during the fall of civilization in the recent chapter of the manga. Other than that, my hero academia would make a decent isekai adventure.

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In this society, there are many quirk-carrying criminals, but the streets are safe thanks to the hard work of many powerful professional heroes. An isekai adventurer here might marvel as Mt. Lady, Endeavour, and Hawks battle evil to protect the peace with their Dazzling Quirks.

3 Despite its dangers, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s World isn’t too bad

fullmetal alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is another shonen series that is only dangerous for certain types of characters, like daring protagonists who willingly take on the world’s most dangerous monsters. For Edward Elric the State Alchemist, this place is dangerous, but not everyone is.

An isekai anime guest can stay away from Homunculi or Ishval’s Civil War and instead explore the fascinating steampunk world of Amestris and watch the State Alchemists at work. However, these guests had better hope they get home before the Promised Day.

2 Naruto’s Leaf Village is perfectly safe


It’s yet another terribly dangerous and frightening series for certain characters or in certain settings, like in the Land of Rain. If the isekai guest can visit the naruto world with a benevolent deity to guide them, they will find themselves in the safest destination of all: the Hidden Leaf Village, or Konohagakure.

The Hidden Leaf Village was destroyed during Pain’s invasion, but other than that, it’s one of the most stable and secure sites in the world. naruto world that an isekai guest could visit. It’s a fascinating and charming place, from the ramen stands and beautiful foliage to the Hokage monument on the cliffs.

1 Bleach is peaceful in Soul Society

No one would want to end up in the hollow desert of Hueco Mundo or hell itself if they visited the world of Bleach, but Soul Society is another story. This is BleachHeaven’s version, a peaceful place where the souls of the dead can rest in peace.

If an anime fan dies from Truck-kun, they could end up in Soul Society and spend their days in comfort and safety, especially if they end up in one of the richer areas of Soul Society. . They might even see Kuchiki Mansion in the distance.

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