Toronto Symphony Orchestra appoints new RB Resident Conductor and extends Youth Conductor position

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra announced the appointment of composer Trevor Wilson as resident conductor of RBC and the extension of Simon Rivard’s position as conductor of the Toronto Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Wilson will begin his residency in September, which will last through the 2022-23 and 2023-24 seasons. He was chosen from a group of conductors from across Canada and around the world. Wilson will work with Music Director Gustavo Gimeno in rehearsals and performances, and conduct the Platypus Theater Youth Concerts “How the Gimquat Found Her Song”, “The Hockey Sweater” and other orchestral events.

“The Orchestra and I were very impressed with Trevor’s obvious gifts as a conductor,” Gimeno said in an official press release. “His hearing demonstrated a confidence, musical intelligence and sensitivity that will be an asset to his work and growth with the TSO. We look forward to the next two years together.

Rivard, the former Chief Resident of RBC, will remain in his role as Chief of TSYO throughout their 50e anniversary season in 2023-24.

“I am extremely pleased that Simon Rivard will continue to serve as TSYO’s conductor throughout the Orchestra’s landmark 50th season,” continued Gimeno. “Simon’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the next generation of musicians and music lovers have been invaluable to the TSO. He has shown extraordinary leadership of the TSYO and has kept members active, engaged and inspired through the unprecedented challenges of the past two years.

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