Uruha Rushia has officially left Hololive

Technology entertainment company COVER Corp. announced that she will be removing Hololive VTuber talent Uruha Rushia from her official talent list, according to her recently released statement.

In the statement, the company said the reason for the termination was that Rushia allegedly shared false information with third parties, as well as leaked information that includes official business matters. This, in turn, constitutes a breach of Hololive’s contract regarding the information shared. The company also noted that the breach of contract included the use of communication on other social media sites.

“To all of our fans and related patties, we deeply appreciate all the great support you have provided throughout the activities that Uruha Rushia has been engaged in over a period of 2 years and 7 months since her debut in the Hololive’s third-generation frame. We deeply apologize from the bottom of our hearts for having to end up having to break this news to you.

Statement of Cover Corp. regarding the dismissal of Uruha Rushia.

The company also said that by the end of March, Rushia’s YouTube channel, along with her subscriptions, will be terminated. Additionally, COVER Corp. indicated that she will notify those who purchased Rushia’s anniversary merchandise.

Following the announcement, much of the VTubing community expressed concerns about the sudden termination. Many noted that the new announcement had a different tone compared to the previous announcement made by COVER Corp. In it, they said that in addition to not interfering with their talent’s privacy, the alleged controversy surrounding their talent has brought “severe emotional stress” not only to Rushia but also to other Hololive talents.

It should be recalled that Rushia was in hot water after fans misunderstood a message she received from singer-songwriter Mafumafu on Discord, which appeared on her stream. Since then, both sides have clarified their side of the story and apologized to fans, stating that there is no cohabitation between the two sides.

Uruha Rushia also backed down at the upcoming GARIBENGER V 3rd Anniversary Super Thanksgiving event, citing poor physical conditions.

Rushia is affiliated with Hololive Fantasy, Hololive’s 3rd generation lineup, and to date, it has around 1.59 million subscribers on YouTube. She was also the highest-earning content creator on YouTube via superchats, according to aggregate data from Playboard.

Source: Official statement from Cover Corp.
© 2016 COVER Corp.

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