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With the return of Paris Fashion Week in physical format from July 5 to 8, designer Vaishali Shadangule is putting the finishing touches on her collection that she is ready to present there.

Shadangule has always expressed his support for the Indian loom, which is exactly what will be represented in Paris. We ask her what this achievement means in these difficult times, and how she sees the Indian hand loom making a mark on the world stage.

Premieres are always special, but this one is a double celebration: your first time in Paris and you are the first Indian woman to present your collection. How does that feel?

Thrilling! And a huge responsibility as an Indian present at the ultimate stage of sewing in the world. I want to stress that we are not only an inexpensive manufacturing (or embroidery) market, but also competing with the icons of sewing with the superior quality of our fabrics and the craftsmanship that goes into it. in the making of each garment. .

Your label is known to support Indian fabrics. What can we expect from you on the Parisian scene?

This is going to be a surprise. I can tell you that I always have a stock of traditional fabrics in order to keep a steady flow of work for my weavers, but for sure you will see a lot of innovation. Haute couture allows you an extra level of creativity and expression and I revel in that.

The international scene is not new to you. Is this excitement still the same as the first time?

Each has been a milestone for me, and each time I have reached a different level of experience and maturity. But this one is a bit like being selected for the Olympics. This is the ultimate level! The journey was long and difficult, and it took me two decades to get there. We are celebrating 20 years of my brand in July.

How are the international salons different or similar to our Indian salons in terms of design or style?

International fairs, or at least those in Milan and New York, expect a different degree of design. The global public seeks creativity in the silhouettes as much as in the details of the designs and the choice of fabrics. The experience of exhibiting my business in these two cities has allowed me to experiment with new draping and stringing techniques, which I plan to push even further with my couture collection.

What were the inspirations of your collections?

My very first inspirations were Indian hand weaving. I have been fascinated by them since my childhood. The richness and complexity of the many diverse loom techniques have always intrigued and captivated me. The other inspiration is Nature and its energy, its varied cycles, its colors and its textures. He is indeed an inspiring muse.

Your designs are known as wearable designs. Fashion show collections are sometimes referred to as not intended for ordinary people. Is it true ?

I call my designs “wearable art”. Fashion shows are used to communicate content or story, so they should be a bit more expressive than normal clothing, especially in tailoring. An outfit can always be divided into two or three pieces which can be easily matched with normal pants or a white shirt.

Your advice to young designers?

Dark. Anything is possible when you put all your passion into it. But also, be sensitive to the environment, the social impact you create and the overall structure of the ecosystem you want to be a part of.

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