WEB takes you behind the scenes of the music video “Murder Of Crows”

Athens-based metal unit WEB recently dropped their brand new video for “Murder Of Crows”, taken from the entire Colosseum released last year via Metal Blade Records. Today, the band is releasing a behind-the-scenes video. Watch the two clips below.

Comments guitarist/vocalist Sakis Prekas, “‘Murder Of Crows’ is about the loneliness of death, the greater mystery of what the end of the circle of life looks like, and the emotions surrounding the very last moments of life. The concept of death in WEB lyrics is not new, only this time the inspiration came about after watching the Sons Of Anarchy series and how life, death and morals were perceived in it by a culture that was previously unknown to me. series, it is heavily filtered through WEB’s musical style combining elements of melody, brutality and symphony. The video for ‘Murder of Crows’ incorporates much of the band’s stage presence accompanied by the roles of Thanatos, the subconscious and the madness of reality.

Uniting the brutal with the catchy and drenching it in orchestrations that only serve to extend its epic scale, Colosseum is a thrilling and engrossing listen with each of its nine tracks playing a significant part in the album as a whole, which which clearly shows that WEB stands face to face with anyone of their kind.

Colosseum is available on CD, Fruit Punch color LP and digital formats. Find the command options here.

“Dark Web”
“Crow Murder”
“Dominus Maleficarum”
“Exaudi Luciferi”
“December 13”

“Pentalpha” lyric video:

Video “Dark Web”:

“Dominus Maleficarum” viewer:

Album feed:

WEB range:

Sakis Prekas – guitars, vocals
Hel Pyre – bass, vocals
Sextus A. Maximus – lead guitars
Nikitas Mandolas – drums

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