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Declan McKenna – Thursday, September 9
o2 Leicester Academy

“British independent troubadour, a bit oikish and with a shrewd talent for mainstream melody” – NME. TICKETS.

One step back – Friday September 10
The musician

A tribute to Madness with all the energy and presence of the original act – quite an incredible sight. TICKETS

Night flight – Tuesday September 14
The resonance house

London-based Night Flight is made up of Sam Holmes, Harry Phillips, Dan Webb and Oliver Halvorsen. They make an experimental and dreamy indie-folk that mixes contemplative lyrics, joyful melodies and sometimes jagged, often glassy textures. TICKETS

Pizzagirl – Wednesday September 15

pizza chef

Pizzagirl is the solo project of Liverpool-based musician Liam Brown. Not being a girl and having no affiliation with Pizza, Pizzagirl’s music ranges from quirky and ironic 80s pop to darker and more introspective European-influenced electro. TICKETS



full leicester

Finn is half Murphy’s Law, tearing up the dance floors and throwing some of the best parties in Leicester. This weekend will see the next installment of their popular Full House events, bringing Europe’s top House & Techno artists to cool spots in Leicester. We spoke with Finn to find out more.

How would you describe Full House to someone who is new?

Full House is one of Leicester’s most infamous House & Techno parties. Since our inception in 2017, we’ve had amazing parties across the city, bringing artists from all over the world to Leicester to present their sound to our loyal group of ravers.

Full House is run by duo Murphy’s Law (brothers Sonny & Finn Murphy), who grew up in Leicester but now play parties all over Europe and sign music on some of the industry’s major labels.

What makes your events unique?

Our party is unique because we have always focused on getting the three main elements as good as they can be – music, ambiance and decor.

We have always kept the number of artists in our line-up to a minimum, in order to give them more time to express themselves musically. It has always been well received by our headliners, who always say they would love to come back and perform for us again!

Our comprehensive site transformations create an experience that cannot be replicated in the city, making the time and effort we put into it before the events are worth it as our crowds always embrace the themes we set out for. every party.

full leicester

What do you think makes Leicester’s music and events scene special?

We believe that there is a great sense of community among the ravers, and while Leicester does not have the same amount of events that some big cities may have to offer, when an interesting event comes to town, everyone. world is there!

It also makes us very proud to see a lot of artists of all genres carrying the Leicester Blue Flag in the music world right now.

Who are some of your favorite local artists?

In the House & Techno world, our residents are as good as they come, that’s why they’ve been with us from the start, and we’ve never had to look anywhere else. Rivmah & Jes with one S are artists everyone should watch out for.

We would also like to salute some local artists, whose music we love, so big up Nile Barrow aka Ho: Fu, Flat White Chris / Flat White Records and Chris Hatch for his amazing vinyl sets / new night at Clarendon called Wax On Wax Off .

Tell us about some of the best DJs you’ve worked with on events?

We have been fortunate to work with amazing artists over the past 5 years. We brought Fuse London residents Archie Hamilton and Rossko to the city, both leaving lasting impressions on those who attended the events. Our latest resident, the amazing young talent Jaden Thompson, recently received massive support from BBC Radio 1 and some of the world’s greatest DJs.

We’ve also had amazing bands like Max Chapman, Mason Collective, Leftwing: Kody, George Smeddles, and many more who have come to play for us, over the past few years.

full leicester

How do you choose the locations for Full House?

We like to choose spaces that others don’t. This way our party is always unique, and as long as we see potential in a space, we are always confident that we can turn it into something magical.

If you had to sum up Full House in 3 words, what would you say?

The ultimate escape

Apart from your work with Full House you run Shakup Records what is your favorite thing about the store?

Countless inspirations for producing music, many of which can be found on the Full House dance floor during our Murphy’s Law sets.

full leicester

Where can people find out more and buy tickets for Full House?

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@fullhouseleicester), where you can find the post link in our bio for our next event taking place this Saturday (September 11) in the outdoor courtyard space of the bar R on rue Granby, running from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The event is a trippy hippie-themed all-day party, with headliner Rossko coming from Berlin to the show!



This week, the WIDE EYED festival is taking over the playlist for you. Choose the groups that will be at the top of your must-see list!

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