Where to watch and read Angel Beats!

The musical fantasy anime Angel Beats! marches to the beat of its own drum and dazzles audiences with its nonstop action and heartbreaking moments.

It’s common to adapt a popular manga into an anime series, but The angel beats! does it with a twist. This original story debuted as an anime in early 2010, directed by Seiji Kishi and written by Jun Maeda and garnered largely positive reviews, especially for the way it blended musical performances, action, and humor. The smooth animation of the action sequences, attention to detail, and visually colorful cast are also commendable.

the The angel beats! The anime’s brief run, however, was a major problem according to reviewers, as it left many character stories unexplored. This inspired Maeda to write official light novel and manga adaptations, which expand on plot details and character backstories that were not included in the original anime series. This is how newcomers The angel beats! and anime fans can immerse themselves in the franchise.

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The plot of Angel Beats

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When the protagonist Otonashi Yuzuru wakes up, he finds he is dead. He is in a high school version of the afterlife, a sort of purgatory for people who have experienced trauma or tribulation in their lives. Before moving on or being reborn, these people need to make amends with their past, but it’s not going to be easy. For starters, the only thing Otonashi remembers is his name, thanks to a girl named Yuri.

Yuri is the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, the army of the afterlife, which is at war with a mysterious god and their sidekick, the beautiful silver-haired angel. Angel takes the form of the Student Council President but also possesses his own supernatural powers.

With all the mystery surrounding his whereabouts, Otonashi joins the SSS, where he encounters a colorful cast of characters including Hideki, a co-founder, Masami, the lead singer of Girls Dead Monster, and Yui, a GDM groupie. With the help of his new friends, Otonashi gradually unravels the secrets of the afterlife while attempting to restore his memories and redeem himself.

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Where to Watch Angel Beats Anime

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The 13 episodes The angel beats! The anime was produced by studio PA Works and is readily available to stream on Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix. Physical copies on Blu-ray and DVD are harder to come by, so fans who prefer this route will have to check resale sites like eBay. However, they should be warned that the prices are quite high as the physical copies are sold out. A recent listing shows that the DVD collection now costs over $700.

Where to read the Angel Beats manga and light novels

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Angel Beats! : The gate of paradise dives into Yuri’s backstory and takes place before the events of the The angel beats! animated. Unfortunately, no official digital copies of the manga and light novels are available in English.

Fortunately, fans who prefer physical copies are encouraged to check out resale stores like Abebooks and eBay, while Amazon also offers Flight. 1 of The gates of paradise manga In English. Prices can be steep though, ranging from $20 to over $100 for a full set.

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