Where to watch and read the series

Many excellent anime and manga could easily be considered medieval fantasy stories. None of these series, however, lives up to the originality of the princess of murder anime and manga.

princess of murder is an underrated franchise full of medieval aesthetics, excellent female characters, and more action than fans could hope for. For those who love fantasy medieval stories, badass ladies and incredible fight scenes, this might be the perfect series to check out – here’s how to get started with the princess of murder anime and manga.

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The Princess Murder Plot

princess of murder is a medieval fantasy series set in a fictional universe with multiple kingdoms, primarily focusing on the Kingdom of Forland. The story begins with the antagonist, a former government scientist named Doctor Akamashi, overthrowing King Forland. On the verge of death, the king sends his daughter, Princess Alita, to find her brother, Prince Kaito, who has gone abroad. Alita flees the castle, running into the forest. She barely reaches the country’s border when she stumbles over a cliff, calling out for her death. Before landing, however, Alita collides with a bounty hunter named Fallis, knocking them both to the ground.

This is where the story takes an unexpected turn and rocks the souls of the two women. When Alita and Fallis wake up, they find they are stuck in each other’s bodies. In princess of murderthe concept of body exchange is called “spiritual switching” or “spiritual transmigration”. After Fallis defeats the Forest Guardian, Alita begs her to save the Forland Kingdom, offering her body and soul in return. Fallis reluctantly agrees and adopts the role of Princess Alita Forland.

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The main characters of Murder Princess

Although Alita and Fallis are clearly marked as the heroines of the story, they are not alone. Before meeting Alita, Fallis travels with her two companions, Pete Armstrong and Dominikov. They’re both bounty hunters working under Fallis, but they’re more like partners than underlings – although they call him “boss”.

In the Princess Murder manga, Dominikov is a shinigami (god of death) – like Ryuk from the famous series Death threat – while in the anime he is referred to as a cyborg. He shoots bounty heads with a large scythe. While Pete appears tall and fierce at first glance, he’s anything but – as long as there’s no bounty at stake. Like Dominikov, Pete is also a cyborg in the anime, though he fights in using brute force and force.

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Two other important characters in princess of murder come from Forland Castle: Jodo Entolasia and Milano Entolasia. Jodo, a butler working under the Forland family, is a very serious and humorless person, especially when it comes to training Princess Alita. Even after Alita and Fallis switch bodies, he continues to mentor her, helping Fallis as the princess.

Milano is Jodo’s granddaughter who works as a housekeeper for the Forland family. During the coup, she poses as Princess Alita so the real princess can escape and find her brother. After Milano’s death, Alita (in Fallis’ body) adopts the name Milano, along with her title as Jodo’s granddaughter and maid.

Where to watch the Murder Princess anime

The Princess Murder The anime was written by Tatsuhiko Urahata, directed by Tomoyuki Kurokawa, and produced by Marvelous Entertainment, from March to August 2007. The anime spans six single episodes and is actually considered an original video animation (OVA). These are Japanese animated series and films designed to be directly released as home videos.

The anime can be watched, subtitled and dubbed, on the official website Funimation website. The six individual episodes are also available for purchase on First video. For those who like to own physical copies, the series is also available on DVD and can be found on Right Stuf Anime or Amazon.

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Where to read the Murder Princess manga

The Princess Murder The manga was written by Sekihiko Inui and published by Mediaworks, while Broccoli Books handled English publishing. The manga’s demographics are marked as seinen, and it ran from 2005 to 2007 with two volumes. The first volume of princess of murder is available for purchase at Amazon. savings books is another solid place to find a relatively cheaper used copy of the manga. Both stores appear to only have paperback copies available at this time.

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