Whitechapel new video single, “A Bloodsoaked Symphony”

The Knoxville, Tennessee, Whitechapel Steelworkers have released their new video single titled “A Bloodsoaked Symphony,” which you can check out below. The track appears on the band’s previously revealed new album titled “Kin”, which will be released via Metal Blade Records on October 29, 2021 (pre-order).

A presser declares: “At this point in the game, the name Whitechapel commands respect. Already sitting on one of contemporary metal’s most enviable catalogs, they ditched The Valley in 2019, showing a confident evolution of their sound and positioning themselves as a true historic release that sets a new standard for the genre.

For me, it felt like the stars were aligning for us to create our almost perfect record when it comes to songwriting, vocal performance, mix and master, and artwork.Says guitarist Alex Wade. “We like to think of our albums as chapters in our careers, and it’s a chapter that I will never forget. I think it really reinforced the fact that we can embrace a new sound, and if we perform it right then the fanbase is going to support it and appreciate it.

I think with each album we learn what worked best on the last one and try to use that in our writing. Early in the writing there was some talk of the album sounding like ‘The Valley’ part II, not literally called that, but how the songs sound and flow together. It’s really a narrative type record like ‘The Valley’ was,Comments singer Phil Bozeman. “Musically, we just want to create what we’re vibrating with at any given time. We write music with what we feel and not what is expected of us, while lyrically the idea of ​​continuing from the story of ‘The Valley’ has always been the goal. .


List of ‘Kin’ songs:
1. I will find you
2. Lost boy
3. A bloody symphony
4. Anticure
5. Those who made us
6. History is silent
7. To the wolves
8. Orphan
9. Without you
10. Without us
11. Parents

Composition of Whitechapel:
Phil Bozeman – vocals
Ben Savage – guitar
Alex Wade – guitar
Gabe Crisp – bass
Zach Householder – guitar
Alex Rüdinger – drums

Featured photo by Alex Morgan

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