Who is Colette Butler? Shaytards YouTuber Wife Shay Carl is silent on hubby’s cheating scandal with adult cam girl Aria Nina


Colette Butler, wife of YouTube channel patriarch Shaytards, has remained silent on the infidelity scandal of her husband Shay Carl Butler. While Shay has admitted to sexually messaging adult cam girl Aria Nina, his wife has not opened up about the incident despite being included in one of Aria’s outrageous messages on Twitter.

Colette is also known as Katilette and MommyTard. The 34-year-old was an exercise trainer before Shay became a popular figure on YouTube. Colette was born on June 29, 1982 to Coleen and Vince Crofts and would have has four siblings named Adam, Candice, Sadie and Callie. Colette and Shay married in 2003 and have five children: Emmi, Gavin, Avia, Brock and Daxton.

In 2011, Colette featured in a 2011 photoshoot video titled “Playing Dress Up with Kimmy Erin!” She also ran a half marathon in the San Francisco Marathon in 2012.

Cheating the drama has started after Aria posted screenshots of private messages between her and Shay on Twitter. Speaking to YouTuber Keemstar on her Drama Alert Sunday show, Aria said she wasn’t aiming for fame by exposing Shay, but decided to post the posts after the popular YouTuber was rude to her.

Aria said her alleged online affair with Shay began three months ago after Shay approached her to thank her for her support.

“Then he got really sexual, then he got really rude,” Aria said. While revealing the messages, Aria said she was in possession of a compromising video from the popular YouTuber.

However, Shay pretends that Aria contacted him first and apparently instigated him to send the sex messages. Denying Shay’s claims, Aria said the YouTuber was leading most of their conversations. “Who sends a message to someone with good intentions at 3 a.m.? ” she said.

Shay did not directly comment on the cheating scandal, but posted a statement on his Twitter page revealing that he is battling alcoholism and seeking treatment.

Meanwhile, Aria is answering questions from social media users on Twitter and also went live on YouTube on Wednesday to answer questions related to the latest incident.


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