You don’t have to twist Rob Halford’s arm to praise Ghost

You don’t have to twist Judas Priest and “Metal God” singer Rob Halford’s arm to compliment heavy theatrical rockers Ghost and their bandleader, Tobias Forge, aka Papa Emeritus IV.

Just ask him.

In a recent interview, Halford shared his pleasure in seeing Forge achieve his musical goals with Ghost. The fellow leader praised the talent of the artist on stage and in the studio.

Halford told Finland’s Chaoszine: “I’m so happy for Tobias, to see his ambition and his dreams become so real. He’s worked really hard to make Ghost a global experience.” (via Blabbermouth)

He continues of Forge, “The guy is a great talent, a fantastic performer on stage. … The records are wonderful, I’ve been following his career.”

Judas Priest fans who paid attention might remember a few years ago when Halford mentioned that he and Forge had discussed a collaboration.

In 2018, he tells new times“Nergal [Behemoth frontman] and I may be doing a collaboration. I was in the dressing room with Tobias from Ghost, and we also talked about collaboration opportunities.”

Halford added: “It’s fun for musicians to step into each other’s worlds. It’s like different football teams – it’s the same game but a different game. I’m just really curious to see where my voice can fit in.”

That same year, he told France’s Radio Heavy1 of Ghost, “I’m a big fan of what most people would consider ‘well-written’ music. I like music that moves me.”

In March, Ghost released their fifth studio album, IMPERA, which contains the singles “Twenties”, “Call Me Little Sunshine”, and “Hunter’s Moon”. They are now on tour in Europe.

Halford, a cancer survivor, recently brought Priest back on the road. This week, the metal band was once again snubbed for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

See Halford’s interview with Chaoszine below.

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