Young rapper Tasz Grace’s latest music video, ‘Venus’ is a work of art and a quintessential modern hip hop

Promising rapper Tasz Grace talks about his roots and his lifestyle in his latest MV, ‘Venus’ through refreshing lyrics and an equally sublime melody.

The hip hop genre allows its musicians to use their imagination and creativity to the maximum. Thus, they create the perfect music that expresses their mind with precision. With this support, the musicians imagined revolutionary rhythms and rhymes that have enriched the genre to the full. Lyrical genius and champion rapper Tasz Grace entered the game by unleashing his creative art and let his imagination run wild. It engulfed the minds of listeners with its influential soundscape. His new masterpiece, ‘Venus’, with its clip has taken a huge place in the thoughts of hip hop lovers with its relatable and sublime substance.

He managed to engulf listeners’ minds with the honest and empowering lyrical pun presented through his masterful rhyming scheme. It portrays the life he had, where he is now and what he went through to get there, exuding a sense of comfort. He lets listeners know that they are not alone in their struggle with life, and he hopes that they will be further encouraged to leave obstacles with confidence. The penetrating rap verses interspersed with the killer hook maintains a smooth rhythmic flow.

The talented individual artist has been passionate about hip-hop music since childhood. He started rap and freestyle at a very young age. He never gave up and kept practicing no matter what he faced in life. Rap was more of a sanctuary where he could express his emotions than just a hobby. Through his hard work and dedication, he has come to master different rhyming patterns and styles. He can now rap to any beat, no matter how complex.

Work with Rachii Music, Tasz Grace has been on a musical adventure exploring new elements and dimensions of hip hop. He enjoys taking risks with musical creation and experimenting with various rhythmic components in his soundscape. His latest clip, ‘Venus’ is an example of its incredible versatility which makes it much more attractive compared to its contemporaries. The visuals in the video enhance the brilliance of the song, helping listeners to picture themselves more accurately. His top notch rhymes are also present in his other songs like “Carkit” with Rubberband Og, “Breadwinners” and “IDEM” I DON’T EVEN MATTER “. Follow him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information on his music and his upcoming 4th project.

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