Your turn, November 5: SA Symphony, a treasure

When I recently attended the SOLI Chamber Ensemble concert, I learned to my shock and dismay that the symphony had started a strike due to ongoing financial problems.

I will be forever grateful to my parents, who introduced me to concerts and operas in Frankfurt, Germany early on when George Solti was there.

I have supported the San Antonio Symphony since 1968 and have taken my children to shows to cultivate a cultural life as rich as mine. I continued with my grandchildren.

I have purchased a full season pass for the San Antonio Symphony for several years and have already paid for the 2021-22 season of the San Antonio Symphony. It’s a big expense for me as a retired teacher.

Looking back on my long life, I cherish all of my special experiences in music and art. I hope the community, the city, the Symphony Society of San Antonio, and the musicians can develop a plan that allows the full orchestra to perform their amazing music. It is essential for the cultural well-being of San Antonio and the surrounding communities.

Helga Anderson

Always check guns

Much has been written and discussed about what happened on the set of “Rust” in New Mexico. Any speculation about the tragic incident could be resolved if those involved admitted how or what they should or should not have done to prevent the tragedy.

The person who accepted the weapon from the accessory manager as a cold weapon, indicating that it could be used safely, did not personally verify that the condition of the weapon was as described. Anyone who has experience with handguns, long guns, shotguns or any weapon capable of inflicting injury on others should verify, by personal inspection, that the weapon is as described. and that it is safe to handle or use.

If this had been done, the cold weapon would not have been used until it was in safe mode, thus avoiding tragedy. In this situation and others, another’s word is not enough.

John kepler

A military veteran remembers when servicemen could only be exempted from vaccines if they were allergic.

Jessica Phelps / San Antonio Express-News

No choice with blow

The army has changed. In my 24 years in the military, if you missed a flu shot, caught the flu, and missed work, you could get a section 15. The only exemption was if you were allergic to eggs.

Retired Master Sgt. Raymond Baird

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