Yu Gi Oh! will launch a new manga series in April

Yu Gi Oh! confirms that a new manga series delving into the lore and origins of OCG monsters will begin serialization in April.

Yu Gi Oh! revealed the launch of a brand new manga series.

As confirmed by Shueisha’s official website V jump magazine, a new manga series set in the Yu Gi Oh! universe will begin serialization April 21 in the magazine’s June issue. Unlike most other manga spin-offs in the franchise, however, the upcoming series won’t be centered around people playing the Official Card Game (OCG). Instead, it will revolve around the Duel Monsters featured in the OCG exploring the lore and origins written on their cards.

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The chapters of the new manga will be released alongside the Yu Gi Oh! BCG Structures manga, which teaches readers how to play OCG and provides helpful tips for building a strong, balanced deck. Yu Gi Oh! BCG Structures also showcases the latest cards available for purchase by showcasing the latest booster or Structure Deck to hit the market at the time of the chapter’s release. This is currently the only ongoing Yu Gi Oh! manga series, with its serialization beginning in June 2019.

Ever since Kazuki Takahashi’s original manga began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1996, Yu Gi Oh! became one of the biggest media franchises in history. In a world where a fictional collectible card game known as “Duel Monsters” is often used to settle scores and take names, the original Yu Gi Oh! The manga follows Yugi Muto, a 16-year-old boy who is often bullied due to his sweet personality and short stature. Yugi soon finds himself on a grand adventure when he solves the mysterious Millennium Puzzle and befriends the ancient Egyptian pharaoh spirit imprisoned within. Determined to unravel the mysteries surrounding the pharaoh’s past and origins, Yugi and his friends battle skilled duelists and ruthless foes bent on destroying the world with dark magic from the Shadow Realm harnessed by their own Millennium Items.

The OCG based on the fictional Duel Monsters is by far the most famous product to be born from the original. Yu Gi Oh! manga. As of January 2021, approximately 35 billion cards have been sold worldwide, with estimated revenue of $9.64 billion. More recently, the franchise launched the immensely popular video game Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel for multiple platforms on January 19. Konami has announced that the free simulator allowing players to collect cards and create decks to compete against others online has been downloaded over 10 million times.

The first chapter of the next Yu Gi Oh! manga series will be released in Japanese on April 21. The last Yu Gi Oh! animated series, Yu Gi Oh! Go quickly !!will air on April 3.

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Source: V jump, via Anime News Network

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