Zain Worldwide Talks About Injury, “All Those Memories” And Music

Talented musician Zain Worldwide is set to bless the music scene once again with his brand new release, “All These Memories”.

Released on July 16, 2021, the track will showcase Zain’s change in musicality as he focuses on merging his western and Desi sounds.

With monumental hits like ‘Tere Naam’ and ‘Mousafir’ already in his catalog, fans got a taste of Zain’s impressive voice.

The London-based singer hopes to replicate the success of these songs with his soulful melodies, vibrant lyrics and haunting tones.

Embodying her British and Desi influences, the superstar believes her latest track will emphasize her appreciation of both cultures and her undeniable abilities.

However, it hasn’t always been easy for the discerning singer. Having undergone life-changing surgery when he was just 15, Zain overcame tremendous adversity.

However, it is these misfortunes that make Zain’s rise to stardom even more extraordinary.

As he prepares to shine in the competition again, DESIblitz spoke exclusively with Zain Worldwide about his new single, his creative process and his persistence.

Start from nothing

Musical artists often discover their talents by playing instruments, singing and playing from an early age.

Likewise, Zain Worldwide discovered his musical ambitions at the age of fifteen, but it wasn’t through talent shows or a very creative education.

Interestingly, he discovered his passion in a strange place: the football field. He says with humor:

“It was just weird because I was singing in the shower but then I would start singing when I was playing soccer.

“I felt that football was my main passion, but it turns out it’s not.”

After :

“I was singing on the football field when I had to score goals.”

As Zain grew stronger with his singing skills, he made the courageous decision to quit college to pursue a musical career.

Sadly, as Zain began to flourish on and off the pitch, he suffered a major setback just before he turned 16:

“I was playing at a pretty high level and a bullet came straight in my face and it completely shattered my nose into pieces.”

The horrific accident forced Zain to undergo surgery within 2-3 days of the incident.

With no time to deal with the extent or severity of the injury, Zain recalls being in the operating room, revealing:

“We were just talking to the doctor and he asks me for my spare time.

“I said.” I’m a big fan of singing, I want to take it a step further. “

“He warned me and said, ‘Listen, because of this injury you may not be able to sing anymore.’

He adds to his thoughts:

“I am going through a major operation and now my dreams are coming to an end.”

At an incredibly young age, this turbulent period in Zain’s life gave him the greatest foundation on which to build, start all over.

Overcome adversity

Zain Worldwide talks about injury,

After realizing that the doctor was right about his change of voice, Zain Worldwide admitted that his voice sounded “very nasal” after the successful operation.

Admirably, Zain embraced this hard fit and used it as fuel for his recovery, saying:

“I have never doubted the impossible.

In a sense, this catastrophe affirmed the limitless strength that Zain possessed. To persevere, to re-educate and then to win is truly remarkable.

While the foundations were there for Zain to triumph in the music industry, one of the cornerstones of Zain’s recovery was his self-confidence:

“I put a lot of time, a lot of know-how, a lot of energy into making sure my voice is up to the competition.

“It didn’t happen overnight … even now I’m still learning.”

Zain’s extraordinary work ethic is clear to everyone. His dedication to his art was clearly evident when he brought in famous vocal coach Lisa Fell.

The established coach has worked on some of the UK’s biggest talent shows, including X factor and The voice.

After working with Lisa, Zain slowly began to identify her floating, high sound.

Zain’s hunger and indestructible desire to conquer his “thin” voice remains positively uplifting. It serves as a motivation for those entering and leaving the music industry.

“All those memories”

Zain Worldwide talks about injury,

Although Zain’s undeniable talent led him to create massive hits like “Dil Di Rani” and “Tum Hi Aana”, he took the plunge and became independent.

His ardent desire to seek new challenges and share his sound with multiple audiences prompted the decision to retire from Indian label T-Series. He admits :

“I was making music only for a particular region and now I want to pass it on to everyone.

“So any language can just enjoy music.”

This is what ‘All These Memories’ hopes to implement. A new style that focuses on a western vibe, while retaining that Desi vibe.

The song aims to symbolize Zain’s multidimensional qualities as an artist, which will help revitalize his image with a new audience.

Additionally, Zain teased the music video that will accompany the song. Illustrating how the elements of the video will encompass mainstream music, Zain says:

“It’s going to be a lot of girls, a lot of cars.”

“It’s going to be a very dark vibe and I hope it goes well.”

In addition to improving the aesthetics of his music, the singer has also taken drastic steps to improve his vocal presence.

After training with elite coaches, Zain described his technique which transcended the substance of his voice:

“I like to listen to different types of songs and try to adapt my voice to that song.

“It helps me with the balance of every song I’m going to sing, helps me with the key, helps me with the timing.”

However, Zain still practices Desi techniques such as riyaaz which is not surprising because the voice of the superstar has this cultural texture.

Fans remain thrilled with the idea of ​​”All These Memories”. Many are eagerly awaiting to see how Zain has improved as an artist.

Encourage change

Zain Worldwide Talks About Injury,

Having actively grown up in the music scene since 2017, Zain’s reach continues to expand.

Although he focuses on an audience dominated by the West, he still has strong opinions about the British Asian music scene as he calls it:

“Boring, very boring and repetitive.

“I want to salute all the artists on the Desi scene.”

He later points out:

“But I feel like there has to be change. This is my point of view at the moment.

However, Zain is adamant that he can be the catalyst for this change as he is a strong supporter of removing barriers.

Many Desi artists stay in one lane. Some being watched and forced by labels to produce a sound that becomes dull and almost boring.

While Zain has been silent on exactly how he will impose some innovation, he hinted that it needed to be made:

“Something completely different that no one has seen before.

“I can’t tell you now, but when you see the video (All These Memories), you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Later, indicating that his new 2021 projects will bring long-awaited collaborations:

“I work everyday and things just happen. I have a few collaborations planned for this year, some big names as well that I am delighted to share with you.

“It fits this vibe I’m going with.”

This consistency is imperative for Zain. Her spirited demeanor left fans intrigued by what to expect next from their favorite singing sensation.

Watch an exclusive video interview with Zain Worldwide on his musical journey:


Heavily influenced by exciting musicians such as Justin Bieber and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Zain’s appreciation for living music is evident.

This was highlighted in 2018 when he won the Pakistani Music & Media Award for “Best Revolutionary Artist”.

Trying to emulate the success of his talented idols, Zain Worldwide quickly cemented his place as a Desi artist turned Western artist.

With over a million views on YouTube and over 39n subscribers on Instagram, Zain’s masterpieces are growing in popularity more than ever.

“All These Memories” will mark his authority on the music world and show a side of Zain that fans and other musicians have yet to see.

Discover ‘All These Memories’ and the rest of Zain’s incredible catalog here.

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